What Is Aquaponics?

Are you interested in farming organic vegetables and culturing freshwater fish right in your own backyard? You can now enjoy both and it does not cost you a fortune; as a matter of fact, it even saves you a lot! This is only possible through Aquaponics.

What is Aquaponics System?

It is a new farming technology which combines the century-old method of growing soil-less plants called hydroponics and a fish culturing method called aquaculture on a closed-in water system. This technology is becoming one of the fastest growing trends because of its unique way of complimenting each other for you to enjoy the best produce nature can give.  Aquaponics is beneficial for your business or for your own personal consumption.

What makes this technique remarkable is the fact that the plants are the ones responsible for cleaning and supplying water to the fish which is essential to its existence. On the other hand, the water coming from the fish tank which is filled with fish waste help provide the proper nutrients needed by the plants to grow. With this biological system, you can be sure that your produce is free from herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.

How does Aquaponics work?

This innovative technique is also referred to as a re-circulating system.  The water from the fish tank is being pumped and pushed towards the grow beds which is equally distributed through the pipes.  Expectedly, the water from the fish tank contains waste products.

In a conventional aquaculture system, it is required that at least 10% of the water inside the tank should be taken out and replaced daily so that it will prevent ammonia and nitrate from building up. The moment you produce more fish, the higher amount of toxin is building up in your fish tank which in turn produces unhealthy fish.

With the Aquaponics system, instead of throwing out the water daily, it will be used to feed the plants. Amazingly, plants thrive in fish water. They grow healthier and faster.  At the same time, the plants are responsible in cleaning, oxygenating and aerating the water which will be re-circulated back to the fish tank. You will notice that the once-dirty water is now clear and clean.

Potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, and tomatoes are just some of the vegetables you can produce using the Aquaponics system. Tilapia, white bass, and crappies are just some of the freshwater fish you can culture within this system.

Great Benefits from Using Aquaponics System

More and more people are turning towards using Aquaponics system because of the simple and relatively easy way of setting it up and maintaining it. It does not take up a big space; in fact, you can easily set one up in your back yard. Most users also notice a significant reduction of water usage that will eventually cause you to save on your water bill. Most of all, you get to enjoy fresh fish and organic vegetables anytime you want.

All in all because of the health and cost benefits brought about by the Aquaponics system, it is not surprising that it has become quite popular especially to anyone who wants food that is nutritiously good and healthy.

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